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Texture tells a story




Unbuilt Work

Just a few of the projects that survived the pressure made by others.


Casa Vida

Active aging, who would have thought!

This project offers a space for seniors to continue to live active and healthy lives. Situated on a sloped terrain, the building offers full accessibility on both sides of the lot. On one side having main entrance, access to back of house and main street and to the other side offering a spectacular view from the courtyard and access to all kind of outdoor activities. The building offers 20 double bedrooms and 20 single bedrooms, amenities include a library, a chapel and a racquetball court for our most active residents. Counts with healthcare professional, nurse station and therapy rooms with advance technology and equipment. The design is a combination of that longing for everlasting almost immortal presence that comes from the stone while the contrast with vivid colors softens its character while making it attractive.

3 ready.png


Be present.

This building wants to be a threshold between the compulsive shopping, a pretentious lifestyle, cool facades empty of meaning, and real people with real problems. 
The transition occurs both visually and physically in the same place and at the same time. 
You inhabit the space fully aware of your surroundings and context.


Introvert VS Extrovert

Buildings are just like us...

An exploration of these two opposing sides, in the language and personality of Architecture. 

Far from physical. A battle between Perception and Reality. What it is and what could be.

What are we next to this galaxy we inhabit, to this world that floats in the infinite? No more than a grain of sand probably. 

But are we really that simple? Is it our chaos lessened in the shadow of all mighty Sun, of the countless particles conforming Saturn's rings, of the unknown black holes?

What are we? What's the meaning of all this?  


Retail/Apartments Building

What an envelope!

A corner lot in Miami to provide retail services in the first floor and small apartment units in two other floors. 
The most attractive feature in this design wasn't meant to be structural but rather an envelope that acts as a passive system while hiding structural elements.

city render 2 bw.png

Community Temple

Classic? Modern? Both!

A place for the community but also for the individual. Space for recreation but also for self-discovery.


Ancient ADU

Brick wants to be an arch

An addition to an existing lot. A small unit in the backyard of a house, that is meant to be a place for creativity, reading and expressivity. 

In order to improve efficiency in such limited space, architecture and furniture are almost the same thing.

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My all time favorites

The most purposeful and beautifully sensible architecture I've ever seen.

1 - Louis Kahn

Because of the divine, sacred, spiritual: Phillips Exeter Academy Library, National Assembly Building, Kimbell Art Museum and many more.

2 - Le Corbusier

Because of concrete, the exposed, the simple, the color: Villa Shodhan, Maison Jaoul, La Tourette.

3 - Alvaro Siza

Because of the romantic, scale and intimate: Church of Saint-Jacques-de-la-Lande, International Design Museum of China, Leca Swimming Pool and many more.

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