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About my work

My philosophy

I was never a very religious person, other than in those moments when I needed it the most, never prayed. Never went to church voluntarely, yet once there, I always felt like staying a little longer. Never quite understood what was driving my thoughts. 
Today becomes even more difficult to explain that silence and peace growing inside me.
Architecture I believe, is the closest I’ve ever been to an answer. 

I realize now, Architecture has the power to carry the heavy weight, of lifting us out of that dark place, transform us, spiritually, and make us feel that we are more than just flesh and bones, and once there, create that connection between us. Then, only then this world will be a better world, because only change that comes from within is real change.
This portfolio is my human effort to create that space, where step by step I discover more about myself and in the process about YOU. 
Because we are the same, YOU and Me.

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