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Site was located in a corner lot, 4000 N Miami Ave and NW 40th St, almost dividing the Miami Design District with the residential area. The challenge of the site was the Living Room, part of the previous building designed by R&R studios that occupied the site previously. The goal of this project was to connect both neighborhoods.

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Conceptual work

Collection of first ideas and concept

The site was a corner lot in which we had to deal with a preexisting condition: keeping the living room (left) and integrate it into our projects. It was the main feature in the facade of the previous building occupying the lot. To the other side of the street we have the design district. So it is clear what was the objective, to blend with a more colorful and attractive condition happening on the other side, attracting visitors while making the statement that a more residential area started right there (with the living room).


So it became the goal of the entire class to create a new connection between both sides. I called it Bridging, because the goal was not to do the same, cool facades, strange shapes with vivid colors inviting just one side of the site, the design district. The goal was to connect both, the design district and the residential area, if not physically given the impossibility of it, at least visually so they could find one another.

To the left the arrangement of two masses in plan view, because I wanted to give hierarchy to the possibilities of two different crossed views, allowing that BRIDGE while interacting with the interior spaces and at the same time allowing natural light to come in.
To the right the idea of that crossed view happening, uninterrupted.


Thinking of the position of the living room, possibilities for interaction with it, addition of cores, and adjustments in masses, scales and angles of natural light.

Looking to illuminate the entire building with natural light. A view in section of the envelope to the BRIDGE where everything happens.

Bridge: Projects


Floor Plans

A series of drawings that combine concept and program as well as cores and circulation arrangements.



For this project I used a Concrete Framing System. The exposed concrete columns in the exterior bear most of the structure. 
For contrast, the bridge (perforated metal grid floor) is held by steel beams.


Sections and Elevations

A series of section drawings to better show the conceptual application of the "visual bridge" between neighborhoods, as well as the functioning of the buildings, its program and circulation, its orientation and relationship to the context.

Section A1.jpg


A series of drawings to show more details. Connection details and materiality.

Connection detail.jpg

MEP Documentation

Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing drawings.

Parking Plumbing.jpg
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