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Mediocrity is a both ways road

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

When I started this journey, as an architecture student, I remember how some of my classmates looked at me in disbelief when I decided how to go about the project. Some prefer to ask first. How should I approach this project? What is the right way? Is there anything you would like to see? Do you have examples of past works that we can take a look at? It is then when you can almost certainly evaluate that professor. I know I had found a gem the day that professor told me I shouldn't take the same professor twice. This extremely rare form of life doesn't need shoulders to lift its ego, isn't looking for fans. It goes without saying this professor earned my upmost respect for life. It is also pretty clear the opposite, when you have THAT professor who hates your project, because you just keep on doing what you like. That goes to your board and starts drawing cartoons in your lame sections, or tells you that clouds don't ever get close to the horizon. Like...I'm here to design telescopes, so you can see the clouds better, who cares you twat!

Of course it is hard to forget these things. It is a fundamental part of learning about professors with real knowledge and stupid people who call themselves professors and professionals.

It is extremely important that you follow your heart. School is not about right and wrong, actually, in architecture school everything you do is pretty much shit. You are in a journey of self discovery and experimentation. If you spend these years trying to please others you will find yourself hating your life and hating everyone else's lives.

You have to find your voice, your language and the right people to guide you in this endeavor. Ignore the rest.

It is very easy to find these people. Once you have presented your project wait for the feedback, start writing down those comments (good and bad) that come with precedents of works in which you can see something new, something you missed at first, it could be that the main materials in the buildings are the same you intended to use, but the strategy, layout or even combination with other materials played out to be more effective or better crafted way to do so. That's GOOD FEEDBACK!!!

Of course there's the other side of this coin, that side starts with: I don't like it, but be more careful with the I LIKE IT. After hours and hours of hard work we all desire to hear that, but don't content yourself with I LIKE IT. You shouldn't care what he/she likes, instead you should strive to learn and perfect what you are doing, which I bet it is far from perfection. Find news and better ways to express yourself, and hold dearly those people with the knowledge to refer you back to sources capable of pushing you to the next level.

Ignore the opinions. Opinions are just that, always based on personal preferences. Ignore them now that you can, once you go out to the real worlds you will be basically a slave to the likings of someone else.

Of course the downside would be clashing with stupid people that will hold you accountable for not doing what they said, in which case the blame lays on the system that gives these mediocre professors the power to grade you with a B just because you have a different opinion about circulation and symbolism within certain space. But that's a topic for another day.

Professors should encourage your growth rather that inject you with the mediocrity of the real world: THIS IS WHAT'S TRENDING, THIS IS WHAT YOU SHOULD DO.

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